Operations through a wide network of Offices covering Turkey and the Black Sea Region
The Catoni Tramp & Port Agency Division:

  • With their Head Office based out of Istanbul,
  • 3 Branch Offices in Turkey,
  • 5 Port Offices with Extended Services reaching
  • All Port in Turkey,
  • And 7 Offices in 5 Countries throughout The Black Sea Region.

Unequalled Experience: Operates with 8 or more Permanent Multilingual Management, Staff and Local Operational Experts

Optimized and Competitive Solutions:

  • Offering Specialized Agency Services throughaffiliated Charterer Nominated Networks such as CNA, ONA, OPA, OHA, For Tankers, Container, Ro-Ro, General Cargo, Cruise vessels and Others,
  • Assisting in Berth Reservation and the Clearance of Vessels,
  • Whilst providing Liaison with Local Authoritiesand Customs formalities,
  • Attending to the Loading and Discharging of Cargo,
  • Securing Accurate Disbursement Accounts (DA), Quick detailed Proforma Disbursement Accounts (PDA) and Precise dispatch of Cargo Documents,
  • Facilitating Personnel Logistics, Crew change and Medivac,
  • Ensuring Technical assistance and Spare Parts Supply and Delivery, As well as Fresh Water and Provision Supply, and Waste Disposal,
  • Providing Comprehensive Support for Dry Dock Operations,
  • Whilst Guaranteeing Efficient Vessel Turnaround and Straight Passage.

Seamless Set of Processes and Procedures:

  • Supported by an ERP Software System Approach ensuring,
  • Integrated Logistics Management Systems
  • Increasing Visibility,
  • Whilst Improving Performances through KPI Project Assessments.
  • With a Focus on HSSE and Quality standards