Catoni individually designed and applied Liner Husbandry Agency services for the container liner shipping operators in this region, are carried out by the local offices at each port whether referred to as feeder operations or mainline operations.

At the core of this product there is a highly experienced operational staff focusing on the optimisation of the vessels calls, the operational time for loading and discharging with strong emphasis on cost saving.

These services are now provided to the largest container operators globally and regionally. With the continuously improved and supporting IT structure, Catoni has become an integral part of Liner companies operations

With Catoni Liner Husbandry Services, you may obtain:

  • Efficient disbursement management processes which reduce the number of invoices handled by the owners,
  • ERP software based highly effective container control, container temporary customs clearance (TCC), digital data transfer to customs authorities, transit formalities and documentation services,
  • Maritime Agency Services,
  • Port Agency (husbandry) Services,
  • Protecting agency services,
  • Crew change services,
  • Spare part delivery,
  • Medical attendance,
  • Customs Services
  • Temporary Customs Clearance of the Containers
  • Customs formalities for transitting containers bound to local and international destinations,
  • Customs clearance consultancy,
  • Integrated documentation system throughout our agency network,
  • Interfaces available with carriers and customs,
  • Continuous control of discrepancies during the process (custom clearances, containers loaded, discharged),
  • and Unified processes and procedures in all of the agency network.