Catoni Tramp and Port Agency, a division which was formed by virtue of the popularity of the product, its cost effectiveness, uniform and standardised process has developed to offer exclusive port agency services, specialised cargo handling solutions and quick turnaround of vessels.

The ports in which we operate include major hub ports, smaller dedicated ports, river and shallow draft ports.

Catoni unequalled experience for husbanding and handling of project dedicated vessels for offshore , dredging , heavy lift , submersible throughout the Caspian, Black sea, Aegean and East Mediterranean is insured by the qualification of personnel and our performance guaranteed and underwritten in the Insurance market.

With Catoni Tramp and Port Agency Services, you may obtain:

  • Accurate Disbursement Accounts (DA),
  • Quick detailed Proforma Disbursement Accounts (PDA),
  • Precise dispatch of cargo documents,
  • Service types including: Protective Agency, Charterers Nominated,
  • Agency (CNA), Owners Nominated Agency (ONA), Owners Protecting Agency (OPA), Owners Husbandry Agency (OHA),
  • Efficient and safe Turkish Straits Transit Agency,
  • Safe transfer of your crew by prioritising the welfare of the people,
  • Reliable agency staff ensuring efficient turnaround of the vessel,
  • Long term connections with port authorities,
  • and Specialised agency services for Tankers, Container, Ro-Ro, General Cargo and Cruise vessels.