The Catoni Group of Companies had operated in the Arab speaking countries of the East Mediterranean for many decades, as trade and commerce became progressively more challenging the Beard family business focus moved the group activities to the emerging markets and economies of the Black Sea. Since 1989, after the establishment of the companies in Bulgaria and Romania, Catoni has developed to encompass the countries within the region, providing logistics, shipping, and value added services in the ports of the Black Sea, Aegean and Mediterranean.

Established in 1846 by Mr Catoni the group origins are in Turkey, where for a century or more the principal activity had been shipping. Today the business has diversified into three main components designed to provide supporting services for hydrocarbon exploration and production, shipping and logistics services and trade. The head office is in Istanbul where one may find unsurpassed expertise, knowledge and experience gained from years of leadership and good business practice. Catoni’s Management principles, Ethics and Values are best appreciated from its leading role in so many major business developments .