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Career Development
A broad spectrum of activity results in the keenest interest of management and staff, within the educational capacity we observe that all have pursued studies to at least high school and for the majority university degree and practical training exercises or apprenticeship have been completed.

While competition in the trade and transport sectors increases it is our view that higher education and career development is essential, numerous programs are being run including; partial scholarships, MBA programs and fellowship programs.

Pursuant to upholding board and shareholders confidence and while ensuring satisfaction and loyalty to the customer we require the understanding of the “cycle of improvement” and the upholding of the two core values; professionalism, transparency and honesty.

Considering our group two core activities, Catoni offer rewarding career opportunities in these fast emerging and developing economies in the region. Join us for a career opportunity of a life-time, which you shall not regret. Catoni with over 165 year history in this region offers a wide range of operations in these two core activities.