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From The Chairman
In the years proceeding Perestroika the free market economy agenda has for the majority become a reality. This phenomenon currently accelerated into rapid re-identification of the countries around the Black Sea and East to the Caspian, our corporate operating region.

The emergence of these wealthy countries which individually posses an abundance of resource, mineral and agricultural and to which are referred to as the B.R.I.C. countries put further demand on our services needed to help sustain growth and to satisfy our customer driven portfolios. Our deeply entrenched image and reputation must further promote technological innovation, financial security and trust while government departments in the region remain un-coordinated and occasionally inefficient, this places more responsibility on our services and behavior.

Our management and staff including myself maintain our efforts to provide for you excellent services governed by our Group three core values; Transparency, Honesty and Professionalism. Our HSE and accreditation, so much an integrated part of our services remains paramount in working with yourselves in this region. In parallel to these efforts we focus importance and our genuine commitment to narrowing our carbon footprint through the preferential choice of natural energy and the single use by biodegradable. This broad-shouldered effort is manifested as much in the work environment as at home.

In the years ahead we welcome further consolidation in our industries, it is evident as we progress only large multinationals and strong organizations shall deliver superior services. Our mission at Catoni continues, we look forward to expansion throughout our region.

H. Jonathan Beard
Chairman & C.E.O.